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Social Media

Instagram is a global community of one billion. Since 2010 the app has continually evolved bringing us features such as “Stories“, where you can upload an image or video that will only appear for 24 hours. This works well if you want to post something that doesn’t match your feed or that will entertain your clients and is happening that day.

Creating an Instagram Story:

You can create a new Instagram story by tapping the camera button on the top left of your screen. Alternatively swipe right from anywhere in your Instagram Feed to have it pop up. To choose between creating a photo or video you can simply tap (for a photo) or long press the button at the bottom to take a video. Below the record button you can swipe right or left to choose between doing a live video, taking a boomerang etc. Play around a bit and explore filters and add new ones by clicking below the filters to find other alternatives.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat you’ll notice the similarities between the platform and the function “Stories” on Instagram.

The IGTV logo.

Setting up your IGTV:

The latest addition to Instagram has been IGTV. This is the new video app from Instagram that rivals YouTube. This allows users to post and view long-form, vertical video.

Here is how you can can use IGTV for your brand or business:

Minimum and maximum length allowed for IGTV videos: Every video on this platform needs to be at least 15 seconds and can be maximum 10 minutes long if you have a regular account. However, if you have a berified account or an account with a large audience you can upload videos up to 60 minutes long.

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